Online Cakes for Festivals


In India, it is a tradition to send sweets on any happy occasion. However, festivals bring an onslaught of sweets from family and friends, and even if you love the traditional Indian sweets, you are likely to get bored. Nevertheless, this does not mean you refrain from sending sweets to your loved ones. However, instead of a box of sweets, why not try something different? Why not send a special cake to your loved ones in Pune.

Apart from birthday and anniversary cakes, the online cake stores offer cakes for almost all special occasions. Be it Diwali, Holi or even Raksha Bandhan, you will find a cake that fits the occasion perfectly. Sending a delicious cake along with a rakhi would definitely make your brother’s day and is the perfect way to celebrate this special day. Even if you are away from your loved ones, there is possibility of sending these festive cakes to your dear ones through the online cake stores.

These special occasion cakes are available in a variety of designs and flavours too. Right from the regular flavours like pineapple, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, you also get to order cakes of flavours like orange, red velvet, pineapple, fresh fruits, mango, etc. In short, you get to choose a cake of unique flavour quite easily.

The online cake stores not only have a variety of special occasion cakes but also offer great services. You can opt for same day delivery option as well as order a cake in advance, as per your convenience. Most online cake stores are able to deliver the cake within five hours of you placing the order. Moreover, there is 100% guarantee that the cakes are fresh and exactly what you ordered.

Ordering or sending online cakes for special occasions to Pune is definitely a unique idea. So, on the next festive occasion, say no to sweets, and order a delicious, creamy cake for your near and dear ones.

The First Birthday Cake For Your Kid

tom-and-jerry-cake-indiaThe first birthday of your child calls for a grand celebration. Although, the child stays unaware of this special occasion, for parents this is the first celebration of their child’s life. As obvious as it is, you want to make this celebration as special as you possibly can. The first birthday party deserves a special birthday cake. The cake should be delicious, creative and fun for all the guests. It should be bright, joyous and represent the happy moments of your life.
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Add Sweetness To Your Long Distance Relationship


Most of us have entered into a long distance relationship at least once in our lifetime. When we stay apart even small things start getting on to us. We fight over things that we won’t even remember in future. But doing small things to make another person happy helps us to keep our relationship intact.

Special occasions call for special doings. Like sending a surprise cake on birthday, sending a cupcake on your anniversary, or sending gift or flowers on any special occasion. Here are a few things that you could do to make them happy when you are apart:

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Make Your Parents Silver Jubilee Sparkling!

three-tyre-round-pineapple-cake-with-stand-indiaAccept it or not, but it’s a fact that at some point in our lives, we all thought of our parents’ silver jubilee celebrations, and how will we be a part of it. What all will we do to make that one special day even more amazing that our parents cherish the moments all their life. But once that moment is actually on us, we land in a pickle. No planning makes everything go wrong. So here are some tips to make their day splendid and to avoid any confusion.
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Tips To Plan A Birthday Surprise For Your Girl Best Friend

chocolate-mousse-cake-indiaBirthday surprises are so much fun, especially when you are doing it for your best friend. Every memory like a fast train comes rushing back to your mind, and you are left overwhelmed. Generally one question hovers over your mind “Hmm, so what should I do or what should I give to my buddy that I haven’t given before”. Here are some tips to make your best friend’s birthday a memorable one.
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The Multi- Purpose Heart Shaped Cake

Heart_Shape_Chocolate_Truffle_Cake_444There are so many occasions in one’s life that call for a celebration. While some celebrate their love, some celebrate the good times. In the journey of life, one has to go through several ups and downs. But in the end, we only remember and cherish the happy moments.

When talking about celebrations, how can we forget cakes? Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, love or wedding anniversary or Valentine’s Day party, cakes are always a part of our celebration. Their delicious flavours and decorations are what we love the most about them. Cakes have been a part of our lives for too long. Each one of the celebrations in our life has had a cake cutting ceremony in them.

When I started thinking about cakes, what came into my mind was a heart shaped cake. This cake is one cake that can be used for multiple occasions and without any alterations. Here are some occasions, where a heart shaped cake is a must.
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The Sweet Delight for Diabetics

suger_Less_PineappleCake is one sweet thing that no one wants to miss out on. From children to adults, everyone enjoys the sweetness of cakes now and then. But for people who are suffering from diabetes or those who are health conscious and keep their sugar intake in check, cakes are off the table. Although it takes a lot for them to resist, but health always comes first and shouldn’t be compromised with.
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Birthday Gifts and Cakes for Men

Birthday Gifts and Cakes for Men

Men are different from women in every sense, whether they are your dad, brother, husband, boyfriend, or just a friend. They feel differently, act differently and even think differently. Buying a gift for a girl is so easy; after all there are a million things you can get them. But when it comes to boys, there are only a handful of things you could choose from.
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Cakes for my long-distance loved ones!

Strawberry_Cheese_Cake_148“Just because now I live far away from you here in Bangalore, I won’t even get a birthday cake from you. You know mother, you are breaking a tradition of not giving me a cake, do you?” cried Alisha on call when her mother was wishing her birthday. “But I am here in Delhi, how will I send you a cake? Will a WhatsApp picture suffice?” her mother replied.
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Choosing a Baby Shower Cake


All celebrations include cake cutting ceremony, and a baby shower is no exception. The baby shower cake is a very essential part of baby shower celebrations. While planning a party, deciding what cake to buy is always a big deal. It is important to choose a cake that matches the theme of the baby shower. It should reflect the importance of pregnancy and the happiness it has brought in your friend’s life.

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