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How to Bake a Barbie Cake?

By India Cakes 4 months ago 2590 Views 1 comment

How to Bake a Barbie Cake?

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Nothing is more exciting than surprising your daughter with a delicious Barbie Cake which will definitely charm her and would spark a new bond of compassion. Here is the route to rule your daughter’s heart, check out this recipe of Barbie Cake; order cakes online. This will leave a lasting impression, celebrate birthday with a grand grandeur.

Barbie Doll Cake

Ingredients Required-

How to Bake a Pineapple Cake?

By India Cakes 4 months ago 2549 Views No comments

How to Bake a Pineapple Cake?

Occasions are best to celebrate with a delicious ecstasy on the fore to relish every bite of it with utmost delight. Be it any special occasion, the roving mind comes to a stand at delicious pineapple cake. Here is the recipe of Pineapple cake which is delicious to relish and bake at home. You will be delighted to serve ecstasy on the platter. You can also relish online cake delivery services from best cake baking and delivering websites around the world. Order Pineapple Cake Online

Eggless Pineapple Cake Half Kg

Serving- 14

Ingredients Required-

Online Cakes for Festivals

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In India, it is a tradition to send sweets on any happy occasion. However, festivals bring an onslaught of sweets from family and friends, and even if you love the traditional Indian sweets, you are likely to get bored. Nevertheless, this does not mean you refrain from sending sweets to your loved ones. However, instead of a box of sweets, why not try something different? Why not send a special cake to your loved ones in Pune.

Apart from birthday and anniversary cakes, the Online Cake Stores offer cakes for almost all special occasions. Be it Diwali, Holi or even Raksha Bandhan, you will find a cake that fits the occasion perfectly. Sending a delicious cake along with a rakhi would definitely make your brother's day and is the perfect way to celebrate this special day. Even if you are away from your loved ones, there is possibility of sending these festive cakes to your dear ones through the online cake stores.

Online Cakes

These special occasion cakes are available in a variety of designs and flavours too. Right from the regular flavours like pineapple, vanilla, strawberry and chocolate, you also get to order cakes of flavours like orange, red velvet, pineapple, fresh fruits, mango, etc. In short, you get to choose a cake of unique flavour quite easily.

The online cake stores not only have a variety of special occasion cakes but also offer great services. You can opt for same day delivery option as well as order a cake in advance, as per your convenience. Most online cake stores are able to deliver the cake within five hours of you placing the order. Moreover, there is 100% guarantee that the cakes are fresh and exactly what you ordered.

Ordering or sending online cakes for special occasions to Pune is definitely a unique idea. So, on the next festive occasion, say no to sweets, and order a delicious, creamy cake for your near and dear ones.

Pineapple Cake: The Universal Favorite

By India Cakes 4 months ago 1676 Views No comments

We are yet to come across a person who does not like Pineapple Cake. This sweet, fruity cake seems to be a universal favorite cake and is very commonly used as birthday cakes. Be it any city in India, loads of people, young and old alike, prefer to have the pineapple cake than the cakes of other flavors like chocolate, butterscotch, etc.

The reason for this is that the pineapple cake is yummy and at the same time very light too. You may be full after eating a piece or two of the chocolate cake, but when it comes to the pineapple flavored cake, you cannot actually stop eating and you do not really feel full too.

Pineapple Cake

India Cakes offers pineapple cakes to cities like Delhi, Agra, Mumbai, Hyderabad, etc. You can buy pineapple cakes of half kg, one kg, and more, according to your requirement. Through India Cakes, you can send Pineapple Birthday Cakes to Delhi and other cities of India quickly.

India Cakes' cake delivery service to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Agra, etc., is well known. In addition to cakes, you can also choose to send flowers, chocolates, etc., too to these cities.

Order your favorite pineapple cake through India Cakes and enjoy it with your family and friends.

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The Divine Chocolate Cake

By India Cakes 4 months ago 633 Views No comments

The chocolate cake has a lot of fans in Mumbai. Most people like chocolate cake because it is rich and tastes absolutely divine. You can send chocolate Birthday Cakes to Mumbai from around the world through India Cakes. We can trace the origin of chocolate cake to the 18 th century. Since then this cake has been improvised by many people and today we find different types of mouthwatering chocolate cakes.

Chocolate Divine

India Cakes has a special section for chocolate cakes for different occasions. Chocolate Cakes are usually opted as birthday cakes or wedding anniversary cakes. But there is no such rule. If you love chocolate cake, you can take it home for any occasion.

As said earlier, the chocolate cake has different versions today. You have the chocolate truffle, chocolate mousse, black forest, chocolate coffee, and the list continues. What makes these cakes more alluring is the frosting. Bakers have introduced several methods to use the frosting to give the cake a unique design and also to enhance its taste.

You can buy your favorite chocolate cake from India Cakes easily. We offer prompt cake delivery to Mumbai, Delhi, Indore, Noida and all other cities in India. So, order now and enjoy our delicious chocolate cakes!

Surprise Your Best Friend with a Delicious Birthday Cake!

By India Cakes 4 months ago 547 Views No comments

India Cakes Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune based online cake delivery store. It is a great medium to send birthday cakes to your friends and family anywhere in the city. You can order the cake from anywhere in the country or may be from a different country.

Order Online Birthday Cakes Delivery

India Cakes houses a variety of cakes for different occasions. Birthday cakes are available in a variety of flavors like chocolate, pineapple, chocolate truffle, chocolate mousse, strawberry, butterscotch, Black Forest, etc. The designs of the cakes are fantastic; in other words, you are spoilt for choice.

India Cakes offers midnight and same day cake delivery in Pune. The cake will be delivered within five hours after you place your order. So, you no longer have to beat the Pune traffic to go to a cake shop and order a cake. India Cakes would help you with that.

Apart from sending Birthday Cakes to Pune, you can also send flowers, sweets and other such gifts anywhere in the city. Try India Cakes for an incredible cake shopping experience!

Blue Berry Cake

By India Cakes 4 months ago 397 Views No comments

IndiaCakes.com is known for delicious and lovely cakes in various flavors like strawberry, blue berry, butterscotch, and kiwi. Our Online Cake Delivery store is really the best with a wide range of options to choose from for birthdays and anniversaries.Blueberry Cake

Buy Cakes from IndiaCakes.com for Mother’s day, Father’s day, or Valentine’s Day. Flowers like gerberas, carnations, and tulips are sure to brighten the mood. Cakes and Flowers can be delivered within hours from any country that you are in. Add chocolates, stuffed toys, or fruits from our store to add to the joy and delight of the festive occasion.

Chocolate Cake

By India Cakes 4 months ago 214 Views No comments

IndiaCakes.com is known for it's delicious and lovely cakes. Send Cakes like this yummy chocolate cake from our cake shop for a fantastic birthday full of joy and cheer.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Available in a host of delicious flavors and varieties, birthday cakes from our online delivery store will surely make the special day even more memorable for your dear ones. Parties, events, anniversaries, festivals, and all joyful occasions in India are best celebrated with cakes and flowers from IndiaCakes.com. We deliver the most delicious cakes to all cities in India within hours. Choose midnight delivery and urgent delivery for special birthday and anniversary cakes...

Strawberry Cakes

By India Cakes 4 months ago 138 Views No comments

Strawberry Cake

Strawberry Cake from IndiaCakes.com is delicious and gorgeous. Our online delivery store is the best choice to Send Cakes and fresh flowers to India from any country in the world. Roses, carnations, gerberas, and lilies are always appreciated and cherished. Send Flowers, cakes, gifts, and chocolates in a matter of hours to any city in India. Free shipping, secure transactions, and same day delivery are some benefits of ordering from IndiaCakes.com. Our fantastic cake shop has a wide range of attractive cakes and flowers for all occasions. Place an order today and make your dear ones happy in India.

Butterscotch Cakes

By India Cakes 4 months ago 121 Views No comments

Butterscotch Cake

Buy delicious and Fresh Cakes in exotic flavors for your family in India. IndiaCakes.com’s cake shop offers cakes and lovely flowers of all types for your loved ones in India. Send flowers on birthdays and anniversaries with a box of cake to make everybody delighted. We have a wide range of tasty cakes to choose from. Birthday cakes from our store are sure to make the special day a success. Sugar-free, tiered, eggless, and many more cakes are available at our online cake delivery store. Call today and place your order!