How to Bake a Barbie Cake?

How to Bake a Barbie Cake?

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Nothing is more exciting than surprising your daughter with a delicious Barbie Cake which will definitely charm her and would spark a new bond of compassion. Here is the route to rule your daughter’s heart, check out this recipe of Barbie Cake; order cakes online. This will leave a lasting impression, celebrate birthday with a grand grandeur.


Ingredients Required-
1. 5 cup all-purpose flour
2. 3.5 cup of Granulated regular Sugar
3. 11/2- or 360-ml Oil or Melted Butter
4. 540 ml Milk
5. 5 eggs
6. 5.5 cup Baking Powder
7. Salt-1 Tablespoon
8. Strawberry Essence-2 Tsp

For Icing and decoration
1. Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
2. Pink Food Coloring
3. Sprinkle and other stuff

Other Things
1. Barbie Doll
2. Plastic Wrap
3. Two Piping Bags with Star Tips

1. Pre heat the oven to 160 degree.
2. Take two baking pans of 18 cm and grease it well with oil or butter and dust it with floor. Coat the flour on sides and set it aside.
3. Take Flour, Baking Powder and salt in a sifter and mix it well.
4. Now, take all the ingredients of the cake in a bowl and mix it well.
5. Divide this between the batter and half fill the round cake pan.
6. Bake the cake in pans for nearly half an hour
7. Let it cool completely
8. After it get cool, cut the cake in dome shape to make it even. Take the cake baked in bowl and cut it into half.
9. Use a knife to cut a circle to make space inside the cake to insert the barbie.
10. Make the sugar water by mixing everything
11. Take a place and place the round portion on it.
12. Place Parchment around the cake
13. Brush the cake with sugar water
14. Spread the buttercream on the top and place another cake on the top
15. Brush the cake with sugar water and evenly spread the buttercream on the top
16. Now take the half bowl cake and place it on the top of frosting and brush with sugar water, spread some more butter cream
17. Place the final piece and brush it with sugar water
18. Cover the whole cake with butter cream
19. Leave it to cool for 2 hours
20. Pipe the cake with buttercream, insert the barbie and decorate it as desired to make it irresistible to taste.

Relish the cake hot and delicious

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