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Happy Hug Day to you! Hugs are the most versatile and comforting way to show affection and sympathy for anyone. Whether it is a sibling, parent, spouse or just a good friend, a hug is always appreciated. And the best part is, just like love, you will never run out of hugs to give!

Did you know?

- The top of a woman’s head releases the most pheromones. Evolution made women shorter than men because when they hug, men are meant smell the pheromones and fall in love with the women.

- Hugging is an extremely effective treatment to improve symptoms of depression, low self esteem, anxiety, loneliness and stress.

- Hugs instil feelings of safety and security not only in children but for adults as well.

- Prolonged hugs lift serotonin (a neurotransmitter that makes you feel good) levels, thus giving both bodies a feeling of euphoria.

- When the hearts are pressed together in a hug, it gives both bodies an immediate boost in Oxytocin (the hug hormone) levels, which literally give you the “warm fuzzies” and also feelings of deep bonding, thus alleviating feelings of disparity and loneliness.

- Hugs support good immune health. They stimulate the thalamus gland, regulating the body’s production of WBCs.

- Hugs relax our muscles, improve circulation to soft tissues and have the ability to reduce muscular tension and aches.

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So don’t wait for Valentine’s Day, order some gifts for hug day, get out there and start hugging the people you care about. Happy Hug Day!